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Cleaning Center
Specializing In Leather Clothing Cleaning & Repair

The Cleanery
Address: 153 Florida Street, Farmingdale, NY 11735
Phone: (631) 847-3930 - (800) 797-7743
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Cleaning Center
Specializing In Leather Clothing Cleaning & Repair
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Carpet & Furniture

There are four methods of carpet cleaning that we utilize. All four are kind to the environment, your carpet and tough on dirt and stains.


Not all animal stains can be removed. Rest assured, if the stains you are concerned about can come out , we will get them out. We will not stop until all methods and chemicals that are safe to your carpet have been tried.

Furniture cleaning is done by our exclusive processes. We clean, re-oil, re-dye and add a protective coating to your furniture, so that you can enjoy years of use.


We can do anything from a touch-up to a complete refinishing of the skins. Some touch up work can be done on your premise with our exclusive dyeing process.


For full refinishing , the best results come from our convenient pick up and delivery of your furniture to our facility.

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