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Cleaning Center
Specializing In Leather Clothing Cleaning & Repair

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Cleaning Center
Specializing In Leather Clothing Cleaning & Repair
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Reweaving Tailoring

Reweaving is a process of restoring a damage in woven or knitted garments. All work is done by hand with special needles, one thread at a time. A state of the art microscope allows the reweavers to view the threads up close.

Our reweavers use several methods. The "French Weave" method is the most unique as each thread is replaced individually. This method can be used if the damage is small enough, depending on the fabric. Using the "Piece Weave" method, a square of fabric slightly larger than the damage, is taken from another area of the garment and woven into the damaged area using the same pattern. To get an estimate, we would need to see the garment. You can then make an informed decision about the value of the repair.

Our tailoring is second to none. We call upon 40 years of experience. We have made every garment you are wearing now (including your undies). We draw upon F.I.T. and Drexel University educations. The equipment we use can handle materials as tough as canvas and leather to as fragile as the most delicate silks. Whether you need a button sewn or a gown totally altered, we are the "GO TO" guys.

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