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Cleaning Center
Specializing In Leather Clothing Cleaning & Repair

The Cleanery
Address: 153 Florida Street, Farmingdale, NY 11735
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Cleaning Center
Specializing In Leather Clothing Cleaning & Repair
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Now you can preserve your Once In A Lifetime gown for the next generation...with our exclusive MuseumStyle Heirloom Preservation System!
  Inspections are completed through every stage of the process, enabling our preservation professionals to identify and remove spots and stains.
  In preparation for long-term storage, a specialist establishes the most suitable method of cleaning for your cherished garment.
  Our exclusive storage box is acid-free, moisture and oxygen controlled. This will protect it from yellowing.
Oxygen is purged from the sealed box and replaced with an inert gas, reducing the discoloring effects of oxidation. Agents are sealed with your keepsake to prevent mold and mildew.
Each exclusive storage box is encased with a clear seal that protects your keepsake from airborne contaminants, insect and pest damage.
Interior surfaces and packaging tissue are made of acid-free materials. This ensures the color-fastness of our keepsake garments.
• Private Individual Scheduled Appointments.
• Custom European Fittings.
• Cleaning packages are available for bridal party and family.
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153 Florida Street East Farmingdale, NY 11735

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